Outrage Fatigue: The Danger of Getting Used to GTMO

Seton Hall University School of Law Professor and noted expert in national security issues Jonathan Hafetz was published yesterday in the World Politics Review. His article, Outrage Fatigue: The Danger of Getting Used to GTMO, discusses the status of GTMO throughout Obama’s tenure as President. He draws attention to the fact that, as GTMO has become such a fixture in American political discourse, Americans have grown accustomed to its existence and are no longer outraged by the injustices being perpetrated at the facility. As GTMO’s profile and reputation has grown, so has the complexity of the political situation and legal issues surrounding it, making closing GTMO a loftier task with each passing day.

Ultimately, Hafetz draws the conclusion that “while Obama has consistently maintained that Guantanamo undermines America’s values, he has also helped legitimize the prison. Despite his pledge to close the facility, Obama may thus have helped ensure the prison’s future survival.”

Hafetz’s analysis sheds new light on the conversation surrounding GTMO, and forces readers to consider the plethora of decisions that must be made and issues that must be assessed before the United States can close GTMO permanently.

Hafetz’s article can be read in full here:


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