Is a little re-branding all the NSA needs?

In a new piece posted on The WeekMark Ambinder points out that the importance of our perspective with regards to the NSA’s policies and practices.

Sure, we are appalled when the NSA uses its cutting edge intelligence-gathering to play “big brother”- but would it be so bad if the NSA were a private company? Ambinder says,

“Blessed with the best scientists and technologists in the world, campuses in dozens of countries, data repositories that most companies couldn’t dream of, and a reputation for cutting-edge innovation, the NSA’s next director might want to do more with his organization’s assets than mere intelligence gathering and Big Brothering.

If the NSA rebranded itself as a consumer products company, its customer solutions center might finally deserve its name. Since the NSA no longer has to keep its methods secret, why not put them to good use?”

Check out Ambinder’s thought-provoking piece here.


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